Quantum Chaotica

by Marcanum X

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released March 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Marcanum X Salt Lake City, Utah

Hip Hop artist. Lead MC for Sons of Chaos. One half of The Illmortals. Member of Team PunX.

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Track Name: Atomicypher (80 Bars)
Yeah… (Echo)
Marcanum X (Echo)
Quantum Chaotica… (Echo)
The Atomicypher… (Echo)
80 bars straight, one take… (Echo)
Yo… (Echo)

I'm an accommodation to an operation full of Harvard patrons
Who got the knowledge that'll stop assailants
Awful ventilation, persevering through the perspiration
Earth's a place of ecosystems and egotistic nations
Neolithic ancients encrypt through hieroglyphic spaces
Walls made with human flesh and cynical hatred
A 'matrix' (The Matrix) of mirrors with images of 'Keanu'
The 'United' States is full of 'dividends' (divide), just go read on 2
Tablets, commonly known as the 10 commandments
All of them were broken by unconstitutional transcripts
'Evil' makes itself look 'Good' with brand new tricks
Very contradictive like writing cursive in manuscript
Many fans spit the truth, making Stan puke again
Over not meeting his favorite rapper, losin' his temp
Verbally bruised, misused every time you choose to contest
Plugged up ego gets cleared out ya nose like Mucinex
Huge, complex lyrics makes you feel like youth again
Spews of phlegm deform your face, comin’ from beauty trends
A bright, young fellow should never have gloomy friends
Losers take 'credit,' but winners come out on top when a movie ends
Spooky blends of groovy bending roomy stench are truly kept secret
Like Sadat X, I'm a 'Brand New Bein' (Brand Nubian)
Restored, not reformed, or whatever doctrine you think it is
You say you speak European tongue but you can't finish (Finnish)
Freestyle or written, my rhymes will make you found missin'
Sounds’ll glisten on a tabernacle's floor, like howls from different
Canines, wolves and several coyotes
Ain't my flow supposed to be just like a federal alimony?
Computer enigma intertwines with a power plant
You get taken to my leader by infinite shrouds of ants
The same ones from the last Indiana Jones film
You are just a carbon copy that's from the clone realm
On Kamino, mentally mini like Danny DeVito
Triad symbols are everywhere, including in your Doritos
Smoking kids, knowing their part of an unholy clique
Every rap you'll ever write in life, it's erroneous
Dudes w/ acrophobia used to be acrimonious
Claiming voyeurism and violence are sanctimonious
You try to make a bittersweet rhyme euphonious
But that's when me and my brethren say 'you the foniest' (euphonious)
Anonymously parsimonious with bars and brutal odiums
Pinky finger alone will crush billions of Napoleons
My verse revolves around apparitions and ghostly prints
The truth about every lie ever told; I'm exposing it
Supposing this was made in Illuminati laboratories
Flows don't compare to this verbal stagnance pouring
Allegories make you say 3 words, "You bore me"
Before you start snoring, hear this 32-bar story:
Sodom and Gomorrah were the 'wickedest'
But does that really mean that I'm the only one in this biz
That understands hip hop better than anybody else
Since the 90s era, only obtaining knowledge of the self?
You claim to be Harvard cum laude
Grab major attention w/ hype on a mic, like a bum shouting,
"HEY!! Get back here you meathead!!"
My Atomicypher kill your rap sheets w/ unforeseen plans
You can be the emperor pushing open temple doors
Of your palace and see it shrivel up in chalice
Your little riddles of skills become miniature like Alice
You have no regard for morals like a Taoist
Malice enters your savage life, causin' balance
Like stability from cliff-to-cliff, hostile practice
Mucus, your serenade of rap is useless
You thought it could change the Ming Dynasty, or the blueprints
Of the infrastructure of the 8th and '9th Wonders'
In that sentence, I'm not talkin' about the producer from Little Brother
It's gonna take smart skills to surpass moi
You're a come-n-go dude in the game like David Benoit
The unseen hero of the entire story like Dash Rendar
Your rhymes are all trash, even if your pen's hard
Harder than the hardest video game difficulty
It's a compliment to call my lyrics phony
I hang up all my hate mail on my bedroom walls
Creating massive 'Beef Rapps' until MF Doom calls
To sue me for copyright issues and idea thievery
Even if I lose this battle, I'll process the word 'Victory'
Through the printer in Kool G Rap's home
With his signature on it, certifying my rhymin' is a dead zone
A dead end, a death trend, used by false prophets
That teach Marcanum X an MC that's all talkin' (echo) !!!
Track Name: War (Ft. Orion Quest (3rd Eye Revolution), Big Shot (Gifted Mindz) & Rez the Silverback (Abandoned Playhouse))
(Marcanum X Verse)

I shower in laboratory truth serum & hydrochloric acid
Letting facts forever rest (Everest) on you like 'geomorphic granite'
'Covenant' forces 'flood' sectors in numerous squadrons
Proving you're 'feminine' 'side' like the 'uterus of Compton'
While you magnify substance-abuse & 'behooving' 'nonsense'
I 'X' out 'planet' (Planet X) like Nuwaubian concept
As you're 'rule in complex' 'measuring' the conscious
I prove 'megalomaniac’s' 'inferior' to all this
Troops shielded w/ black-coated Cortosis armor
‘Master’ of ceremonies are subordinate to ‘novice starters'
Why have 'peace' when police 'brutality' breathes?
Skilluminati seditionist hides 'reality's' 'dreams'
I atomize Valleys of Kings buried in gravel & fiche
Babylon’s citadel completely shattered & ceased
So act like an animal, be the cannibal creep
You'll still 'fall off' in the infinite geographical deep...
Track Name: Embrace the Contradiction
(Verse 1)

Emcees are pseudo-sophisticated thespians
That rap about getting paid, women & shooting aliens
Politicians teach generations of humans
To be part of a United Nation of eunuchs
If everyone had hypophysectomies
Then I could rhyme heavily w/out a mind registry
Of egocentrism in prime pedigrees
Of paradigm parodies of pantomime zealotry
My head's filled w/ undesired memories
Making me psycho mentally; I'll probably 'die' for 'living' me
A Steve Biko phenomena, see preaching 'philosophers'
Breathe 'greed' in a prosperous, 3D apartment grid
Knee-deep in a problem of reading what is often
Repeats of this genre, it seems reasonably awful
'Seeing' neurological 'blindness' beat in hearts of fools
I believe that anyone w/ an ego is stoppable...

(Verse 2)

My topics are always oxymoronic, yet I'm very pedagogic
Quantum Chaotica's compartmentalized in quadrants
You could even be Ali Baba's accomplice
& still be a demon working for the Kali Ma clique
I burn swastika & communist flags
Gather a bunch of followers to help destroy erotica mags
Anyone that ain't man/woman monogamous class
Is abominable trash that follows unprodigal plans
I'm unlike any artist that's trodden the earth
Even rap's pioneers are influenced by Marcanum's words
You're 'controlled' by a shadowy, 'sovereignty' surge
'Gastrostomy bursts', you 'blow up'? It's not gonna work
To no avail, your encouraged to 'successfully' 'fail'
Leaving you stressfully pale, binaural sensory engrailed
W/ my initials on your occipital lobe
Lyricists 'pinnacles' choke where my 'minimum' spoke...

(Verse 3)

Am I 'simply' too 'complex' for you critics & listeners?
You should acquiesce to my request; stop being inquisitors!
How dare you ask me to simplify my composition
When I make 'sense' (cents) more than 'desired-pay jobs descriptions'
The inversion I've inaugurated
Introduces innovative thought, keeping me separated
From you Jedi Mind, Rugged Man & Pun biters
You 'copy' 'original' legacies just to gun higher
Getting money to provide for your 'wants', not 'needs'
Plasma-screen TVs, basically all things
Dealing w/ 'dying' 'faster' rather than 'living' 'longer'
Ironically material wealth never makes you stronger
I know you rest your faith upon sedition
Your facing Tyrannosaurus MX in the Isla Sorna district
You're nothing but bravely afraid of competition
Whether it's good or it's evil...just embrace the contradiction...
Track Name: Broken System
Yo, this is Marcanum X from Sons of Chaos…

And right now, you’re tuned into Slim Swayze, DJ Mind Control & Take the Red Pill Radio

Spit Parade 3 Cypher 2012

We are living in an intricate contraption
The 2012 conspirator's systematic adaption
Multi-dimensional gadgets implanted in my canthus
W/ espionage to bust criminal antics
The 4th Amendment's overruled under the table
Constitutional rights convert to mythical fables
We can't agree like Apple selling Beatle Anthologies
People listen to 'stars' like see-through astronomy
Delusional leaders conjoin w/ Paganism
Fundraisers take money, no one's evading eviction
Politicians worship self & claim to fight for people
World issues expand unholy uprisings of evil
Crooked instruction booklets are given to novices
Preaching prophecies of perpetual hopelessness
Our kindred's subject to defamatory brainwash
Like they're all sentry droids programmed for pained thoughts
Who really plants the 'bad seeds' like 'Cain crops'?
Fascist troops are spilling more blood than raindrops
The rights we seek to achieve'll never be met
You still walk 'imperfectly pure' in Aryan steps
Secret combinations kill for monetary gain
Blotting out existence of the honorary slain
The real truth’s encrypted in a promissory page
Believing everything you hear? You're an auditory slave
Track Name: Puppets (Ft. Arhythmatik (Modurn Languaj Asosiashun))
(Marcanum X Verse)

It's impossible for me to bite
You're style's exactly like a burnt match attempting to reignite
You resemble ventriloquist types that'll lift a mic
‘Spit' a kind of 'dry' 'wetness' making 'clear' visions 'blind'
It's 'obviously' 'inconspicuous' your 'presence' 'hides'
Like Mr. Wizard of Oz playin’ St. Nicholas at Christmas Time
Precise incision slice in your eye
Illuminati's ophthalmologist inserts microchips that fry
Your inner psyche, the side effects is that it gives you hives
Constricts your mind, imprisons billions of living kinds
Of cells that give you life; guerrilla militants try
Tellin' us evil has 'pros', it's all cons (khans) like Genghis' wives
'Contenders' 'patronize' our faith & why
We can break your 'prime' using blade-n-knived paper di-
Ssections; stitching together your rhyme's crevice
You're a human puppet, controlled by mesenchyme septics

A - I do this for the thrill of it
MX - I hunt for the kill of it
A - I rock mics for the skill of it
MX - Raise fists like a militant
A - Dude you need to chill a bit
MX - I don't care where you are
A - Whether near or afar
MX - Everybody make some noise
A - Okay, just a little bit
MX - Nah, everybody put your hands up in the air and make some noise if you feelin' it
Track Name: Descension
(Verse 1)

A dark army emerges, starts marching w/ purpose
Lyricist's horrible 'oracles' can't scratch Marcanum's surface (Nope!)
Vietnam insurgents see a bomb, get nervous
Leonardo da Vinci paints pictures of Mantra sermons...
On to parts of 'relevance'
The 'ascension' of a mortal man to sharpen egos is 'irrelevant', no need for hesitance
& being opposite of gentlemen (gentlemen)
You handle business like politicians; crooked, wrong & arrogant
'Straight-forward' w/ 'indirection'
I bring cataclysmic reports in chariots w/ 6-cylinder engines
Barricade walls at Kemet w/ nuclear weapons
Annihilating architecture in your luminescent mansion (mansion)
The 'answer' is without 'question'
Like you're put in 'jeopardy' (Jeopardy!) w/ Ken Jennings & you have tension (have tension)
Your incoherent comprehension
To my lyrics is preparing your destruction & the wrath of my descension...

(Verse 2)
Industrial oppression, society forever slaves for pension
Trying to pay bills, the government never pays attention (they never do)
They apprehend our souls through a payment system
Of unnecessary itemization such as television
Electronic devices, any provision
The mind of a human being proclaims to be efficient
If congress states they're for the people, why's there resistance?
They never annotate reasons for the laws given (laws given)
We're all products from environmental prisons
That endorse inhumane violence for our children
We tell each other 'fight the power', but we're 'rising downward'
Into a vortex that's designed to devour
The minds of 'cowardly' 'brave' patriots, towered
By supercomputers empowered w/ worldwide browsers
Showing holographic soldiers holding Mausers
Turning you to holy (wholly) powder siphoned thru a melancholy shower...

(Verse 3)

The chaotic shadow lowers from the clouds, chosen to be vowed
Pulverizing 'bonafide' 'illusions' solely w/ a plow
Enshrouded by stony cliques of foul, bony-lipped & proud
Cronies w/ a style, 'surrounding' me like 'Sony' as a crowd
I'll make 'em fail quick like Lou Gehrig impalements
Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, many other ailments (many other ailments)
As the collective 'gets together' like a 'trail mix'
I counterattack them w/ a supranatural maelstrom
The leader of the pack's a fat dude
Who worships 'Rip' using staffs made of bamboo
Takin pictures of himself in bathrooms, wearing plaid suits
His biggest fear's coming face-to-face w/ a mad 'moose' (Mad Moose)
He acts like he rolls w/ the man, Zeus
Tries walking giant like GORT from planet, Klaatu (Klaatu)
His corpulence stems from eating fast food
The pride emitting from his heart will bury him inside of a black tomb...
Track Name: Dark Crystals (Ft. Esko El Lobo)
(Marcanum X Verse)

They teach Greek 'Mythology' in American classrooms
It's more 'believable' than ridiculous rap groups
You're staring at raccoons giving sass to
A supernatural power that demonically crashed you
'Dark' crystals exfoliating a 'light' so unholy it might
Inflict polio in the thighs of Kobe when he drives
To the basket, now his true greatness is a "has-been"
This verbal DeLorean makes your future never happen
In Rap, a 9 to 5's more 'suitable' than 'tailored coats'
In your life, every 'disease' made's my daily dose
As the 'true & living' 'cure' for auditory AIDS
While people 'falsely' 'die' in a rotten, gory glaze
Of stool sample residue, thespian generals
Spreading undetectable info in skeptical schools
Teaching doctrine of being greedily triumph
When I 'agreeably' prove it's wrong, you 'disagreeably' bias

(Hook 2xs)

Dark Crystals
Feeds on emotions of anger
Dark Crystals
Seeps through an ocean of hatred
Track Name: Monodramatic Soliloquy
(Verse 1)

Walk in my shoes for one day, you'll see and notice
Through fiery windstorms, I always bring the 'coldest' 'heat'
In frozen, lethal, potent speeches told in freedom's open streets
From Oakland to Tokyo, yet, I've never seen an ocean
Most assume my life's great cuz I don't talk much
My social interactions with people has gone rough
I can tell you right now this all sucks
I'm not gonna waste my time explaining problematic causes
I've got it better than most individuals to be honest
I love pain and sorrow so much, I need problems
I see darkness in my peripheral vision
I embrace your hatred and your cynical inflictions
Please judge me with irresistible conviction
In negative manner so society sees collision
Between yourself and the artist who lives this Hip Hop
In his own world, it's a fact I made this, you did not

(Hook 2xs)

No matter what you say, no matter what you do
I live this music my way, even if you don't approve
The difference is that I'm an artist that'll make moves
You fight against me constantly cuz you know I'm a breakthrough

(Verse 2)

Criticism is amidst the rhythm of my inner self
There's no such thing as constructive opinions, I don't need the help
My creative control's backed by the first amendment
How can you make me better through your imperfect perception
I make my own improvements, don't do it for me
What's great for you for me to do made my other fans think I'm boring
Cuz of that, I lost sales over ideas
That you suggested, making me a posterized reject
Who cares if you're always hot like frequent flights to Phoenix?
Being the best is impossible like riding a bike to venus
I don't deal with any of you 'clones' like Sifo Deus
Cuz I'm busy making sacrifices every night and weekend
I'm not a rapper, lyricist, a poet, or an emcee
I'm more of an enigma to the masses, it's called, "Me"
Every where you go you'll find X at train crossings
I'm always gonna be here, so stop you're lame talking!

(Hook 2xs)
Track Name: Nothing Bassoons (Ft. Ixion Form (Abandoned Playhouse & Shadow People))
(Marcanum X Verse)

My people suffer from evil conundrums, leaping in jungle crypts
Seeing hundreds of sheeple die fighting for ‘nothingness’
Disguised as ‘something’; it's a shame that life's 'natural'
'artificialities' what we're 'hatefully' 'loving' &
Also accepting as the answer that is 'questionably'
'Undeniable'; can't 'fool' 'intellectual' rhyming moods
It's 'groundbreaking' 'planes' carry nuclear energy
To Beirut, Tel-Aviv, dropping bombs from propeller wings
Protestors in streets, 'fighting' others for 'peace'
It’s sad seeing children's fathers & mothers deceased
The 'audible reach' is 'deafness', thoughts of beating we's helpless
It's 'possible' to win in 'impossibility's' presence
A lot of you copyin' Pun's essence
We can 'move forward', even w/ 'pausing' genetics
Fluent in every language, including Baachi phonetics
Leave you in 'Bioshock' cuz I'm a 'Lobotomy Menace'...

Warriors in battle, tearing you to shambles
Storing up our power & scaring all the vandals
We are not afraid of the lot of you w/ pencils
Marching w/ a mind dichotomy of Sun Tzu
You're the type of people we are not afraid to run through
Matter of fact, we will hunt you, stun you
Mic check, 1, 2, don't make a dumb move
Ixion Form, MX, nothing bassoons!
Track Name: Cerebros Sanctorium
Shadow governments, congressional forms are scary
Water torture aquarium, please enter the mortuary
Call me the worst in intergalactic history
The abhorrent entity w/ no past or present speech
That’ll breach solidified & egocentric barriers
'Rising' as nefarious 'descending' from a chariot
Reading heresy from an ultimatum codex
The astrophysicist strokes the blade w/ his own neck
Shows immortality to men with big mentality
His passion feeds off…a main central switch & key
Hidden in an intermittent & efficient heart
That if shown to any mortal man, life would come apart
Universe time continuums paradoxically erupt
Into a concocted, subconscious toxin no one can touch
Except me, the natural-born Son of Chaos
That'll catch you (Kutcher) in the act like I 'Punk'd' your seance
Place the red-rose bouquet in the shield of a trooper
Surrounding South American shrines guarding fearless medullas
Bermuda's putrid computer-modulated diagram
Transmits through my ependyma canals with wired LAN
Lyrical leviathan's proprietary higher trance
Captivates & activates the soldiers in unrighteous stance
They contradict themselves, people make it agreeable
We have to make this 'van go' (Van Gogh) like banning 'painted' vehicles
Track Name: Handle Bars (Ft. Sick Since)
(Marcanum X)

The only soul (sole) searchin' women ever do
Is when they rifle through their entire closet looking for their 'favorite pair of shoes' (that’s true!)
Me & Sick walk in Club Obi-Wan w/ tuxedos on
Chillin' w/ Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra & a League of Dons
Marilyn Monroe sings her scripted quotes
Ladies post it on their profile, boys lift the rope
Behind their tracheas, love's the ultimate daily drug (It is!)
There's nothing worse than a woman pulling a shady stunt
It maybe 'blunt' & 'enigmatic', but they run from men's attraction (playing games)
Thinking that they're 'hideous' 'hunks' w/ trench entrapments
She don't mind becoming a tempting actress
Making madness, emotional storms of unrelenting havoc
Been there, done that, fellas 'walking' 'forward' need to 'run' 'back' (Fact!)
Your 'firm' 'desperation's why she's having fun, that's
All that it does (Yup!), even the strongest & tough’s
'weak' hearts' dragged in a hole, now their 'falling in love'...
Track Name: Walking in the Rain
It’s the American Villain…(Echo)
What up Vint…(Echo)

(Hook 4xs)
I'm walking in the rain
My mood'll always be the same
I've got to be insane...
Therefore... (3xs)

(Verse 1)
Society's humor surrounds my struggle & sorrow
It's ironic Harvard grads get nothing tomorrow
They say you have to be the best in superstar’s quotes
If you can't comply w/ labels, you’re not dope
‘Hope's’ lost like ‘Skywalker’ never existed
Then I end up in asylums, repeating, "Resistance"
Your spinal cord’s inflicted w/ acidic viruses
The climate gets tiring as I'm thriving to fight to finish
Give 'facts' about someone, people call it slander
Give ‘lies’ to the media, they think it's the answer
‘Violent’ ‘peace’ can’t exist like Kony scams
It's like living 'moral codes' drawn by 'unholy hands'
You’re a ‘unique’ ‘twin’ that acts like the last guy
‘The Power Ranger’ of Rap?! We'll still make your ‘band die’ (Bandai)
Causing landslides w/ American Villain
Spitting 'icy' 'heat', demonstrating larynx brilliance

(Hook 4xs)

(Verse 2)
1 in every 7 Billion+ people is YOU, so stick with it
An intrinsic, yet vintage concept, nobody gets it
Critics create acrylic barriers of cynic hatred
Try pestering a clinically insane kid
Heinous images of illiterate 'agents'
Of 'orange' (agent orange) have infected written pages
Coagulation of blood ink's a testament of martyrs
W/ successful careers, we're 'remembered' as 'forgotten'
Clock in a day job, eat Top Ramen w/ Napalm
Nuclear ‘warhead’, leaves more dead w/ great songs
You cannot see (Nazi) 'right' like followers of Adolf
Very vindictive (Vint did this), we'll swallow all your blade shards
Try demolishing the lives of Vint & MX
We’re the 'tinted tenants' of this independent clique of brethren
Spitting a venom sicker than scorpion injections
‘Knowledge digging very deep’ like ‘historian dissections’...

(Hook 4xs)

'Surrounded' like 'speakers' by these demons
Most people's lives full of trash like a sleaze' zenith
Your concocted operation's like a 'covered' 'sleeveless'
The 'illusion's' 'clearly' seen, you're a 'clumsy' 'genius'
My feelings are encrypted in the Tetrahedron
The environmental 'view' is what 'Helen Keller's 'seeing'
Interstellar readings of MCs crush bestsellers leading
W/ infinite ideologies deceiving
My left cerebellum’s internally bleeding
From verbally-beating pressure I experience from teasing
The pain intensity’s like I'm in 'space' 'breathing'
I always feel danger in places of safekeeping
Going in circles like pendulum reversal
My hydrothermal lyrics will overthrow commercials
I stay in refrigerated states of inertial
Uniting both sides w/ a glacier & inferno...

(Hook 4xs)
Track Name: Wave of Destruction (Eye For An Eye Remix) (Ft. Evil Intentions (Formaldahyde & Anonamix))
What do you get when you cross Sons of Chaos with Evil Intentions?

A Wave of Destuction!!!

(Marcanum X Verse)

I use oscillator ray guns to stun the crowd's ears
Making you the most deaf (Mos Def) person all around here
Where you 'found' fear's when you're 'missing' like series cancellations
Not knowing what happened like The Stepfather's basement
Patience (patients) 'grows' 'weak' like a 'terminal hospice'
Ride (write) lyrics in my 'brain', a 'convertible conscious'
Non-returnable profit makes you paid rappers
'Sucked in' like 'liposuction' crossed w/ 'stainmaster'
As you pay faster, you ignite the flames after
Like Lau's 'early exit's a 'Jon Benet rapture'
You think it's 'passwords' (past words) like log-ins & codes
Chaotic 'sounds' a sacrificial offering of 'Bose'
What you impose to be a threat; the closest you'll get
To me's through a computer screen, where my foes do it best
To all labels: you're status in life is next to Vader's
None of you could co-sign (Cosine) me if you had calculators
Track Name: The Illmortals (Ft. Father Focus Confucius (Lost World Visionaries))
(Marcanum X Verse)

The Illmortals hit you w/ a cyclone tsunami drift
You'll probably get biopsy-chopped in trichotomy grids
Both of us pioneering like colonies get
How can you be 'rich' in the same place where 'poverty' lives?
We're a camaraderie clique armed w/ cautery sticks
Causing escharotic problems, making all of you sick
The triple 7s never meant a lottery win
Real talent bothers you bad, has you gossiping quick
Quantity over quality has gotta be fixed
We'll 'decompose' (compose) you like a 'non-Vivaldian mix'
It's 'long road' to be 'natural' like Mic Geronimo is
All you clever morons watch Degrassi w/ chicks (Sissies)
I dare you to 'concoct' 'plots' to stop me from this
Monstrosity shift, scaring you off in a split
Second; audibly dent & bang on your 'eardrum cochlea vents
These lines'll make you 'die on your own' like 'Kevorkian's wish'

(Back and Forth verse)

MX: I can't sell my soul to the devil cuz mine is priceless

MX: That's like sociopaths having degrees in social science

MX: You gotta be idiotic to think that this cutlure's violent

MX: Many rappers have 'misled' you all in proper 'guidance'

MX: I'd rather see a bunch of 'mini-mes' play for the 'Giants'

MX: We're roaming tons of islands shocking people's pulse w/ voltage iron

MX: At the pace we're moving now, we're going from lower to higher

MX: My dominant iris looks through the sniper scope in defiance
Track Name: League of Shadows (MXtended Version)
I might of gone into the 'deep' like an 'amniocentesis'
An Anglo-Saxton priestess gives birth to a 'puzzling' 12 'pieces'
If consolidated, it creates a beacon
Opening virtual aqueducts for empyrean beings
You've been 'fearing' 'courage' 'forever'; I went from worse to a better person that worsens your clever verses
Several surgeon's pushing the pedestal surface
Pressin' apprenticeship circuses out of what is considered
A picture-perfect, pre-determined medical service
It was an 'accident' on how we came to terms w/ our 'purpose'
You're 'dying' from 'life' itself; the real liars are the Mayan people
Cuz I birth destruction, that's where I excel
Spilling text, yes, it's Professor MX
Cum Laude at the Sith Academy, vindictively press
An oppression on interplanetary galactic colonies
Intricate apparitions going past astronomy
I'm Ra's al Ghul, using numerous combo moves
When the bomb goes boom, expect to visualize the strongest crew
Whiz by you like how a Mazda zooms
At 'Mach' 'Triple 7' speed, ambience of doom
Terracottan tomb, sarcophagi surrounds your feet
We combine, unleash like a thousand beasts
Even the most proud, elite shut down & freeze
Cuz they 'found' out we are officially 'LOST' without the 'T'
Track Name: Outta Control (Ft. Ixion Form (Abandoned Playhouse & Shadow People) & R-Kitech)
(Marcanum X)

It's Marcanum X & R-Kitech, our bulletproof parka vests
Defends against your laser lyricism causing scarring flesh
Carving marks in the skin w/ the sword of Sparticus
Informal parliaments knocked 'out' storing Karma 'in'
Hydrothermal rhymes'll burn your eyes, my spoken minds rehearsal
Goes in kinds of 'circle' 'square' diagrams that make you hurl
Desensitizing words' 'largely' 'shrink' your conus medullaris
I bite my style 'easy' so I'm prone to pedal 'harder' (Yeah)
These verbal Jenga blocks 'construct' 'annihilation'
Like the US leaders wanting us 'living' inside a 'dying' nation
Your cerebral channel's trapped in exonarthex labyrinths
Now you're greatest rhymes are simply turned to shards & paper strips (Ripped)
You'll get a '2 in 1' deal like when 'Eurasia' split
But the pain remains inside you as chondromalacia discs
So when you face the mist of 'fire' 'water'
You'll see these '007' spitters'll force the industry to 'Die Tomorrow'....
Track Name: Without Shadows of Doubt (Ft. Darren G (Shadow People) & Subkonshis (Shadow People))
(Marcanum X Verse)

No matter the kind of medical spice in alexipharmic pepper markets
You won't find better solvents to cure you than you swimming w/ pirañas (swimming w/ pirañas)
We make you vent & vomit for practicing Reaganomics
16 trillion dollars tells me you love to invest in problems (Bush lovers!)
I'm Tekken causing telepathic trauma w/ tectonic
Death phonics that fragmentize your best ebonics (y'all rappers suck!)
Is it me or is the government just marionettes in office
With the hairiest armpits that like to write in scary, demonic
Military laws, implementing Marx's communism?
If it's for the people, why'd it totally stop the rhythm
Of freedom ringing in Cuba, Russia & Iwo Jima?
Since destruction's my M.O., it's clear that I ain't feeling FEMA (I ain't feeling FEMA!)
Exposing halfway crooks as "Clarence & Guys"
Making every gang unbind like divorcing marital ties (marital ties)
Ain't nobody ever wanna mess the MX, whether freestyle or the use pen's edge
We roll w/ a vengeance, stroll independent, diminish & finish the sentence
Track Name: What's Chaos? (Anarchist Remix)
(Verse 1)

Che Geuvara's lethal partners seek the knowledge
Read the palm prints, then feed off the nonsense
Redirecting conscience to people in the darkness...
You're a serious joke…as seen in the Office
Alphanumeric phonics decode your lifestyle...
The 6th Element, MX traveling the 9th Mile...
Beyond comprehension of the metric scale
Telekinetic psychic spelling bees, the pen prevails
Independent sale of 'labels' like cheap stereotypes
Autarchic marionettes bury your mics (Michael Jackson)
Like Conrad Murray, bombad fury Gungan Wars
Rap careers skyrocket downward as the dungeon soars
Hundred more planetary behemoths surrounding Uranus
Aleister Crowley burning pages referring to fame it's
Ironic rappers lose their jobs…punks laid off…
Methodic incoherence to these lyrics, what's chaos?


Chaos! Chaos! What is it really?
Chaos! Chaos! What is the meaning?
Chaos! Chaos! Unified Separation
Chaos! Chaos! Beautify Devastation
Chaos! Chaos! What is it really?
Chaos! Chaos! What is the meaning?
Chaos! Chaos! Mortified men walking
Chaos! Chaos! Organized Anarchy

(Verse 2)
Capitulate to the inner state of the prison gates
Vivid ways reciprocate conservatively liberate
Slitherin' snakes encircle ya havens perimeter
Amazonian anaconda fangs break inhibitors
Behind the necks of presidential candidates...
Chaotic Second Round Knock Out on 'cool' rappers like Canibus
No soul's a fan of this psycholingusitic ataxia
Diabetic MCs flee cuz I'm insulin (Insultin') the pancreas
Breathin' life in Walking Dead, create zombie apocalypse
Rap's origami astonishes...
My prerogative cancels out derogative rallies
X neutralizes lyricists, markin' em (Marcanum) all w/ a tally
As I walk in the valley of the shadow of death and live
I 'beat the raps' of evil rhapsodists exempt to give
Endless repetitive sentences, Joe Biden infinitive
Definitive writtens, between the linen, it's leavin' ya stricken


(Verse 3)
A true Son of Chaos like Chino XL dissin' Tupac
Rising from the dust are melancholy saints from Boondocks…
I'm Grimm facing Supernatural in '93
With an IQ of smart students in the Ivy League…
We know the 'ropes'...MCs'll hold their throats
Battled damaged rap commandos overthrowing Kosovo
Encrypt secrets in Croatian code...degrading flows
Verbally exterminate machines... debilitating blows
Overly underrate solid, composite-molded soldiers
Breaking barriers more than Jackie Robinson posters
World War vets hide in barathrums of Coruscant
In deep 'Sith' like excrement remains left on Korriban...
Immortalize posterized pics purifying filth
Don't deny the sworn defiance with a fortifying skill...
Born to ride Orion's belt w/ an iron sword & shield...
What's Chaos? Destroying mics in Asteroidal Fields!!!
Track Name: New Word Order (Ft. Tragedy Khadafi (Black Market Militia) & Death Star (3rd Eye Revolution))
(Marcanum X Verse)

Novus Ordo Chaotica, proportionally autonomous
Storin' immortal frees in my encephalon & squash the bugs
Me & Tragedy drive in a Porsche through Prague
Rushin' (Russian) traffic off streets like 'Cold Wars' did w/ atomic bombs'
You should 'chill out' like 'employees at a Haagen-Dasz'
Cuz you're the only 'silent' person here that 'talks a lot'
Your noggin's thoughts thinks 'life's good' like performin' w/ 'NaS'
Slashing your 'firm', 'soft' porcelain cloth, we're swordsmen & strong
Horsemen marchin' forth in 'the fog'
Like 'leper colonies' storming abhorrent forces, I'm Chuck Norris w/ saws
You're a controlador of Sodom & Gomorrah's wrongs
I'm a blood-portrait of 'chaos' 'assorted' in song
You're a bunch of 'dead beats' like 'coroner's hearts'
A group of bottom-feeders claiming you soar the charts, but you're born in a barn
I topple over orator's shots
You'll never 'Take the Lead' even if Antonio Banderas was on your squad...
Track Name: The Serenade of Aurora (Mrs. Vint Mentalz Tribute)
(Hook 2xs)

Whenever you were down...
Whenever you were upset...
I was by your side when you had tough stress...
Even though I'm gone now, my life's never done, yes
I am always there, even if life's a sunset

(Verse 1)

The goddess retreats, swept off her feet
We're gathered today to give condolences & honorably
Pay respects to a soul who gave her life in offering
The best possible help to people in dire need
When you were down & sad, she stopped you from retiring
Encouraging your passion for this music, never tiring
Showing compassion towards us, including I
A loyal supporter that through our music, she still survives
'Death's natural, we don't understand why a 'life's taken
A mysterious concept still to our amazement
A fragrance of doubt shrouds when someone passes
'Immortal' men in 'imperfect existences' start to panic
You think life’s hard till you see someone next to you
Critics are 'Cinderella candidates', they can't 'fit the shoes'
She's safe & sound in & place I can't speak about
That's not of this existence, let peace surmount...

(Verse 2)

People 'die' doing what they 'love', 'hate' challenges 'living'
They can't comprehend joy & sorrow balanced w/ giving
Elaborate problems 'builds' 'self-destruction'
Individuals wanna give up as victims of corruption
Lust, greed & power exerted by demons, perverted
To upcoming generations of seed all immersed in
A dispersement of incursions curving a person
To become the 'best' of the 'worst' men 'spiritually' 'earthen'
The 'verdict' of 'life's’ 'death' to those who deserves it
Why sell your soul when it's priceless to foreign merchants?
It's sad thinking it's the end when the curtain closes
Billions every day just 'believing' in the 'hopeless'
Bereaving our emotions, repeating all the motions
Depleting us of broken hearts, leaving all our soul's ripped
Life's meant to 'rise up' from trials at our 'lowest'
The Serenade of Aurora, she has spoken...